Tom's backup IC/OC Archive.

Here is a place to find the files from all over the web. Sorted by game and type.

The Anarch Chronicles of Eugene.
Art by Krae (unless specified). See Krae's other work at STFU

April 28th, 2000
May 5th, 2000
May 12th, 2000
May 12th Alternate Episode (not posted) - Drawn by Tom
May 19th, 2000
May 26th, 2000
June 2nd, 2000
June 9th, 2000
June 16th, 2000
June 16th Alternate Episode (not posted)
Bloopers Episode One (not posted)
June 23rd, 2000
June 30th, 2000
July 7th, 2000
July 14th, 2000
July 14th Alternate Episode (not posted)
July 21st, 2000 (not posted)
July 28th, 2000 (not posted)
August 4th, 2000 (not posted)
August 11th, 2000 (not posted)
Bloopers Episode 2 (not posted)
Comic Plug: Brujah
Comic Plug: Fae [Pooka]
Comic Plug: Gangrel
Comic Plug: Gargoyle
Comic Plug: Giovanni
Comic Plug: Kuei-Jin
Comic Plug: Malkavian
Comic Plug: Nosferatu
Comic Plug: Setite
Comic Plug: Toreador
Comic Plug: Tremere
Comic Plug: Ventrue
Comic Plug: Wraith

The West Side Chronicles: Vampire.
Art by Stephen and Tom.

11-18-00 is here.!
11-18-00 is here.!
12-01-00 is finally up!
12-30-00 Is up right now due to a quirk in the time stream.
01-13-01 Is the Slick Comic. It WILL be up someday.....
04-07-01 Is Stephen's first Vampire Comic! Alex finally appears!
01-24-01 The aftermath of the break in downtown. (no dialog yet)
02-03-01 Tom Vloren meets his new best friends. (no dialog yet)

04-05-03 War Room with Jackie Chan, meeting at Jared's.
04-19-03 The big rumble at the mall.

not sure when. Louis and Melissa and Vallie.
not sure when (same night) Patrick's killer werewolves..

The West Side Chronicles: Hunter.

Art by Stephen and Tom
11-11-00 is here!
11-25-00 is up!
12-09-00 Is now up.
12-23-00 should be up now......
01-06-02 The infamous dog.
08-03-02 Is now up! Stephen's first comic!

04-12-03 Donut cops do their duty.

The Fans/ICOC Crossover!
The Fans cast is copyright T Campbell.
Number 1
Number 2
Number 3
Number 4

Hopefully more to come. I do want to get this on Keenspace someday ya know.

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